little city big life

When it comes to "quality of life," big cities have a lot to offer. But their very bigness has a habit of getting in the way of life itself. Not so in the Rockford Region, where everything is so much easier.

For example, this writer's house is five minutes from work, five minutes from one of the best YMCAs in the country, six minutes from the closest hockey rink, four blocks from a grocery store and cafe, six blocks from a golf course, five minutes from several great museums, and a 25 minute bike ride away from Rock Cut State Park.

Everything is more accessible here, including the opportunity to get involved, which is the key to what makes this region tick. Rockford welcomes new residents - especially those who want to make a difference. Join us! We want your ideas, we welcome your energy and we look forward to you adding to the region's quality of life.

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